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Smart home technology is changing our homes. Today, we live side by side with no shortage of smart devices which make our daily lives easier in various ways. At the same time, these gadgets can create opportunities for attackers.  

With new smart home devices being announced at CES earlier this month, Avast security experts are encouraging tech-savvy individuals across the globe to shore up their home security when buying new smart home technology. 

“Smart home devices can entertain and save us time to enjoy the things that matter, but they can also become liabilities with cyberattackers eyeing them as soft targets. Cyber attackers can exploit the security weaknesses of smart home devices to gain access to your household networks to take sensitive data or even more alarmingly, to take control of your devices and monitor you and your family,” said Luis Corrons, Avast’s Global Security Expert. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a mini-boom in connected devices as people look to improve their “at-home” lifestyles. Research from Avast shows that the share of global households that have five or more devices grew from 52% in December 2019 to 55% in September 2020. 

For those looking to upgrade or start investing in smart home technology this year, consider buying devices from well-known reputable manufacturers which are more likely to have more security features and provide device updates so firmware can be updated with latest versions and patches. When you set up your device, ensure you change the default password to something complicated and consider installing a digital security product  like Avast Free Antivirus  that allows you scan your local network for unsecured IoT devices. 

Here are some simple steps to help reinforce the security around your smart home devices: 

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