Optoga’s Latest Products Are Challenging the Lighting Industry with IoT — LED professional

Optoga has previously developed solutions that are completely adapted for 230 VAC directly connected. Of course, then completely without extra cans and other things to handle the extra details that are normally needed to be able to handle 230 VAC.

Right now, the connection is used to create lighting scenarios, but soon there will be more and more wireless networks that send information about completely different things than lighting. Then it is necessary to have access to the luminaires to relay the Bluetooth communication via these. The Bluetooth networks will be able to control everything from the simpler coffee maker to more advanced parts such as determining where things are, controlling elevators, fan systems and more.

More than 4 years ago, we started a development that has now resulted in a couple of patents with the most recent being filed a year ago. With the latest technology, we can now install a solution as big as a piece of sugar with several different communication options as an extra accessory mounted directly on our light sources. The nice thing is that all our solutions work just like a regular light source until one of these sugar cubes is mounted in place. Then its function takes precedence that controls the device and also relays other information in the form of a mesh network.

“The solution needs to be able to handle all forms of wireless communication, which is entirely possible, but we will start with Bluetooth (Casambi), sensors and DALI,” says Stefan Larsson.

We have developed a completely new technology on top of our standardized lighting sources that will begin to be delivered immediately after launch to customers in Europe. Construction height of only 8 mm which enables the light not to be shaded or have other problems. It should work perfectly for store lighting and in demanding office solutions as well as hotels, ships and public buildings. Technologically, it is a new built-in technology but also a new type of integration that provides less energy consumption of up to 80%.

“We are specialized and work in a niche, so in the mass market we will never be a great player. But for all luminaire manufacturers who want the best light source, we will be number one” says Stefan Larsson.

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About Optoga:

The company was formed in November 2004. Optoga develops and supplies LED modules and software solutions to the lighting industry, vehicle manufacturers and electronics companies. By developing products with integrated LED and driver electronics, Optoga has taken the initiative to improve and simplify the shape and integration of the light source. –  

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