Make your smart home a helpful home with these Google Nest products

There’s really nothing that technology can’t do. We’re living in the time period where robots are cleaning up the airport and possibly starting to carry out COVID-19 testing soon. You can get answers — not at the tap of a button — but at a single voice command with smart home devices that can somehow hear you from a few metres away. There are many products with different functionalities, and we’ve gathered some ways you can use Google products to make your house a helpful home. 

Photo: Courts
Photo: Courts

In the kitchen

Baking is absolutely an all-hands-on-deck situation and a hands-free solution is what you need. Perhaps it’s your first time attempting a pandan cake, and you need help looking for a recipe.

Photo: Courts
Photo: Courts

Good thing you’ve got your trusty assistant, the Google Nest Hub (SG$129). You can simply say, “Hey Google, find me a pandan cake recipe” and you can get a whole tutorial on the process too. Choose from a variety of different recipes and your handy smart display will load up a step-by-step guide. All that’s left to do is to get your hands dirty. There’s time to kill while waiting for the cake to bake so what do you do? Might as well catch up on your favorite Netflix series on the Nest Hub, and you can also see how you’ve fared against the home bakers on Nailed It.

Photo: Courts
Photo: Courts

In the living room

Picture this. You’re about to enjoy the pandan cake you’ve labored over all afternoon by finally plopping your bum onto the couch, only to realize that you’ve left the lights on in the kitchen. You can feel the groan of frustration coming on just thinking about getting up again, or you could get your Google Nest Mini (SG$79) to turn it off for you. That’s right, outfitting your home with compatible smart lights means you can control the lights by saying “Hey Google, turn off the kitchen lights”. Living in the age of technology sure is great.

With all of this time we’ve been spending indoors, winding down from those WFH days is equally important as the work you do. Google Chromecast (SG$65) streams your favorite entertainment directly from your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone. You’ll also get to mirror your laptop screen to your TV for those exciting family get-togethers to relive your last skydiving trip. This also means you’ll be able to use your phone or tablet as a remote control so you can lower the volume of the TV whenever you’ve summoned the energy to get up for more snacks. 

Photo: Courts
Photo: Courts

In the study room

You know how the saying goes — work smart, not hard — and a smart home can help you do exactly that. Having an efficient setup at home means being able to focus on work, and having time to relax too. Now, a common gripe of traditional Wifi routers in the market is the limited coverage it offers, which only worsens the further away you are from the router.

This situation unfortunately isn’t helped along by extenders that add more range but reduce performance — but the Google Nest Wifi changes that. It’s a scalable system that provides fast, reliable Wif-Fi coverage throughout the whole home, and it starts with a Google Nest Wifi Router (SG$229). It offers coverage of up to 120 square metres, and you’ll be able to customize your setup with an additional Google Nest Wifi Point (SG$199) for coverage up to 210 square metres, or two Nest Wifi Points for 300-square-metre spaces.

Getting that smart home you’ve always wanted is easy and you can even save big with the limited-time sale on Google Nest products exclusively at Courts. From now until 19 October you’ll be able to get up to 20% off when you purchase the Google Chromecast with Google Nest products. What’s more, you can also save big when you purchase two or more Google Nest Mini or Google Nest Hub products at Courts stores islandwide and online too. 

Ready for the smart home life? You’ll wanna take advantage of these stackable discounts and save big with these Chromecast bundles: 

Get the Google Nest Hub + Google Chromecast Bundle (SG$159, U.P. SG$194) in Chalk or Charcoal

Get the Google Nest Mini + Chromecast Bundle (SG$109, U.P. SG$144) in Chalk or Charcoal

Get the Nest Wifi + Chromecast Bundle (SG$419, U.P. SG$493) here, which includes the Nest Wifi Router, Nest Wifi Point and Chromecast

This article, Make your smart home a helpful home with these Google Nest products, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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