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Installation of EcoBee 4

Setting Up Your EcoBee 4

Creating your Smart Home Environment with the EcoBee 4

A Built In Amazon Alexa Speaker

One of the draw backs to many starting on their smart home journey is which hub or main system to go with. Thankfully most smart home devices have excepted that Amazon Alexa Or Google Home seem to be the winners in this area. If you have either of these devices you can use them to control your smart home. If you get the Ecobee 4 it includes a fully functional Amazon Alexa Speaker right in the device. You can ask Alexa to turn up your temperature, the weather outside, set a timer, tell you a joke or any other Alexa features and the EcooBee 4 will answer you. This works great if you have the Ecobee 4 in a living room environment, not so great if it happens to be in an off hallway. As mentioned you can also use Google Home to voice control the EcoBee 4 (but for some reason you need to have the Alexa feature enabled). The Ecobee 4 also works with IFTT , Apple Home Kit, Microsoft Cortana, and Smart Things.

Schedule Your EcoBee 4

If you have a typical work and sleep schedule then all you need to do is program that into the website. Get up at 8am every day. Away from work till 6pm. Sleep at 11:30pm. The Ecobee will now respond to this time and heat and cool your place automatically. Because I work from home and my schedule tends to be a little bit more flexible than most, I found this to not work the greatest for me. Instead I used the “Follow Me” option.

Follow Me EcoBee 4

The EcoBee 4 Comes with an additional room sensor for your house. I placed this in a bedroom while the main thermostat is in the main living room area. When you turn on the Follow Me feature the Ecobee can see how hot or cold those rooms are. It also can tell if you are in those other rooms.  So if i am in the bedroom and it is not my desired tempature the heat will turn on. If i’m not in those rooms and its not the desired temperature, there is no need for the heat to come on. A great money saving device. You can purchase more sensors if you have a larger home, but I found the 2 were perfect sized for my Condo.

Mobile, Geofence,Vacation Mode, Alerts and More

Final Thought on The Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

The EcoBee 4 has all the features and then some that you are looking for in a smart thermostat. With it’s built in Amazon Alexa controls it extends the functionality of your smart home without adding additional devices. You can control your temperature from anywhere and it learns how to keep your house the right temperatures saving you money. The features are a little confusing and there is a large difference in what you can control from the mobile app vs the online site. I haven’t seen the Home IQ report yet to see how effective the thermostat was for my first month. The ability to voice control the temperature from anywhere in my house as well as having an additional Alexa device without adding in any other device has been a real plus.



If you are in the market for a smart thermostat I recommend checking the EcoBee 4 out.


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